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Why its time to change your accountant?

Written by Jorge Verar, CPA,CISA,CFE
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Corporate governance reforms, an increasingly global business environment, and rapidly changing technologies are fueling the need for accounting and finance professionals with advanced skills in Information Technology. ~Accounting today 2016

Just because you hire a CPA it does not mean he knows what's the best accounting software for your business. Here's some advice why you don't hire an accountant simply because he is a Certified Public Accountant, especially if your accountant believes that if it is close enough it is good enough. That’s not exactly a great quality in an accountant, particularly a tax accountant. A CPA might keep his certification because his company sells financial software and does financial consulting where details are not as critical. But when it comes to taxes, he is definitely not the person to hire for this services. Be forewarned: just because someone knows how to prepare a tax return doesn’t necessarily make him a good accountant. 

How do you know if its time for you to look for another accountant? Here are four red flags to watch:

1. He’s not responsive.

If you’re struggling to find and communicate with your accountant, then fire him. Your accountant, no matter how smart he may be, is not God. You are the client. He is the service provider. That means when you need service, he needs to respond. Fast. Every good service provider knows this, and every good accountant I know returns calls, replies to emails and answers texts.

They are, within reason, available for their clients, even on nights and weekends. They are good with technology. They have a support system in place -- staffers, administrators, answering services -- to make sure you know someone is there to help. Clients don’t want to hear that their accountant is “buried” or that it’s “busy season.” Competent accountants know that they’ll be busy between January and April 15, so they make sure they’ve got an infrastructure to accommodate that level of work.

My accountant is excellent. I have his cell phone number. When I call or text, he replies right away. That’s what people expect -- immediate gratification. Maybe that seems unfair if you’re an accountant. If you think so, then you better change professions. Because that’s the way it is.

2. He’s not proactive.

A 2014 survey from the Sleeter Group found that the number one reason why businesses leave their accountants is that they weren’t getting proactive advice. We may not be tax experts, but we’re not totally ignorant. We know that most tax returns can be completed with relative ease using software and a young staffer. We’re not paying our tax accountant to prepare tax returns. We’re paying him to give us tax advice. The code is complicated and every business has its nuances. We’re looking for our accountant to find ways to reduce our tax burden. We don’t want to beg. This should be his primary function.

A competent accountant doesn’t wait for clients to call. He doesn’t hide behind the tax code or nest in his office. He doesn’t avoid phone calls or runs away from problems. Good accountants are reaching out to their clients proactively. They meet with their clients throughout the year. They ask their clients for financial information way before the end of the end of the year so they can make recommendations.

Good accountants are also good advisors and consultants. They don’t shy away from helping their clients with issues beyond just taxes. Issues like personal financial planning, insurance, even business management. I don’t know a single business owner who wouldn’t love a smart financial person to be on his or her team, offering their recommendations proactively. If your accountant doesn’t appreciate this need, then he needs to go.

3. Does he understand what cloud computing means and how it can affect your business.

If you ask your accountant if it is a good idea to move your desktop system into cloud and a he can't give you the advantages and disadvantages as well as the risk then - you should start looking for a highly skilled accountant. In today's business environment we rely more on technology and how it can enhance our business process. If your bookkeeper spends most of his time data entry and your accountant is not recommending auto download features or connectivity to your financial institution, then time to look for a highly skilled accountant.

4. Finally, he’s just not on your side.

Good accountants are leaders. They get things done. If they are not experts in some areas like IT they find someone who can help them find solutions to problems. They don’t take “no” for an answer. Businesses are certainly not asking their accountant to do anything that’s against the law. But they are in need of an accountant who is creative, innovative and willing to weigh the risks and rewards of decisions that may or may not result in a tax liability. They need someone on their side.

If your accountant is not on your side, then he should be working for IRS or SEC. If your CPA is doing assurance service (audit) then he is not on your side. Your accountant should be working with you to minimize your tax liabilities, get you in compliances with any regulatory agency and recommend better ways to enhance your accounting and financial reporting process. If he truly values you as a client, he will be a partner willing to take reasonable risks with you. If the IRS does come knocking on your door, he should be not only well-versed in the position you’ve taken and ready to provide a solid rationale, but also ready to stand by you and not run for cover. If your accountant is not willing to be in the foxhole with you, then he’s not a partner. He’s just a tax return preparer.



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